WHat is JDM AUTO Portal ?


Japanese Domestic Market Auto Portal (JDM Auto Portal): We live in a modernized world and still the future is yet to come, we believe in convenience and have made this the foundation of our company to make buying a vehicle less hassle, By providing means of obtaining the motor vehicle that you desire whether by importing or sourcing locally our team will be happy to assist you in such endeavors.

Need more information ? Please feel free to call us at 1-876-312-6553 or send us an email : info@jdmautoportal.com

How do i go about importing a vehicle ?

Importing a vehicle is hassle free since we do all the work for you.
there are thousands of vehicles to choose from hence our steps:

1. We will search for vehicles matching your specifics and send you offers.
After you have made your choice we move on to step two (2)

2. Its time to pay for your vehicle, for our customers own comfort and security we would provide an invoice with the wire transfer details from which your bank will wire the funds to Japan to pay for the vehicle. In the event a customer do not have a bank account or simply would like our company to have the transaction done for them the customer can produce a certified check to the company, from there we would have the transaction done and and copy of the receipt would be presented to the customer for proof of the transaction.

3. About a month after excluding ship delays if any your vehicle would arrive at the Kingston Warf port. We would handle all necessary paperwork and provide you with another invoice which is cover fees.

Once all fees are payed, we would then transport your vehicle directly to you with your documents and a small gift for transacting business with us.

But wait there’s more !
We can also assist you in getting your paperwork ready so you can start driving your new vehicle in no time. ( Call us for more info)

What guarantee do i have that this is not a scam?

Trust is a big issue which we take seriously especially with out customers, However we will provide necessary documents and tracking information.

What makes JDM Auto Portal different?

We believe our service is exceptional because we go the extra mile to ensure all our customers are well satisfied.